The FFF Bayern (FilmTVFonds of Bavaria) are giving us a film funding  of 230.ooo Euros!

Incredible! A big thank you from the bottom of our hearts for that! Also to all those, who have accompanied and supported us thus far! Without the Crowdfunding thi wouldn’t have been possible!

Fine & Laura



Dear Supporters and Financers,
Dear Friends of Woods of Words!

It is about time to fill you in on what we have accomplished for ‘Woods of Words’ in the last couple of weeks and months.
The greatest news is: We found a production company, which will produce the movie together with us! Sabine Lamby and the ‘NackedEyeFilmproduktion’ are supporting us left and right with their advice and assistance! In August, latest November we will then apply for state film funding!
We also brought a renowned co-producer on board. Veronika Ferres and her production company ‘Construction Film’ will invest 10.ooo Euros into our production! So with our own contribution of 40.ooo Euros our chances to get funded are much higher!
This from the producing side… also content wise things have moved along! Together with the Grimme-Award winner Johannes Fabrick (director) and many great colleagues, we have done a ‘constellation’ of the script (like family constellations), to further explore the depths and shallows of the story. We also organized a read through of the entire book with those actors who have already been casted and some fabulous volunteers! The tension in the room was grand and shivers ran down some of those spines. This new inspiration gave much food for the fourth version of the script, which Josephine is working on at the moment.
Laura and Markus Ilschner, the director of photography have developed an atmospheric camera concept and also ARRI has jumped on the bandwagon with a great equipment deal.
Now we all just need to cross our fingers that we will find a distributor until the beginning of August so that we can apply for the state funding!
We might not be able to keep the target to start shooting in November 2013 (The hope dies last.), pushing us towards shooting in February 2014. But the chance that we might be able to shoot the movie with a better budget, makes this compromise quite worthwhile…
So we have had a couple of weeks of canvassing from door to door, crossing fingers, exploring the options, receiving inquiries, getting rejections… We are satisfied with the point where we are finding ourselves at the moment and are continuing to give our very best! So cross your fingers, stay with us and send us a few good thoughts once in a while! Even if it has been quiet around us, we won’t stop ‘roedeling’ (German slang meaning something like doing a lot here and there, cleaning things up, simply: getting a lot done…)
So lovely people! This as a short update! We will keep you in the loop!

Greetings from Fine and Laura