The Movie

We want to produce, together with you, a very special, 90 minutes long feature film. A mystery movie about the gates to the invisible world of dreams, fairies, old spirits and ancestors. Alternative healing, shamanism or to come to terms with yourself can be an entrance to these worlds and play a big part in our film.

Everybody does Yoga or Tai Chi, everyone, worldwide, was somehow curious what would happen on 12/21/2012. More and more people are starting the journey to themselves, to a deeper kind of connection or simply: to a meaning. Us too. We think it is important to ask these questions and this movie shall give one possible answer. Target is anyone who like good suspenseful movie. And everyone who wants to support young filmmakers and German shooting stars.

The themes of this film are currently highly valid. Therefore the movie needs to be made now. But we can’t do it ourselves. We need you! We need lots of positive energy and your support to carry this campaign and the idea for this movie out into the world. We need you and everyone you know.

We need the money for the implementation (colon) for the equipment, for housing and catering for our team, for insurances and … for energy exchange. With 30.000 Euros we can just about shoot the movie. With every extra Euro you will make it possible that we can pay our crew and our actors. This is a high priority for us because energy exchange is always important!